Waiver of Liability


In consideration of being permitted to engage in the following activity – Concierge Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Activity”) coordinated by Booking Exclusives Corp. of 3166 SW 26 Street, Miami, Florida 33133 – I acknowledge and agree to, on my own behalf, and on behalf of my personal representatives, heirs, assigns, executors, administrators and next of kin, as follows:

1.  I am aware and acknowledge that injury or death may result from my participation in the Activity and from the use of the premises and facilities where the Activity is located or is to occur, or if premises and facilities are not an applicable description, equipment or apparatus located therein or thereon (collectively the “Activity Premises”).

2.  I hereby release Booking Exclusives Corp. of 3166 SW 26 Street, Miami, Florida 33133 and its respective owners, directors, officers, shareholders, partners, joint ventures, employees, agents, contractors and their successors and assigns (collectively, the “Releases”) from and against any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury, expense, demand or cause of action that one may suffer whether with respect to personal injury, death, damage to or destruction of property, theft or otherwise, which may arise as a result of my presence in, upon or about the Activity Premises or my use of the Activity Premises.

I acknowledge that I have read this Waiver of Liability thoroughly. In addition, I acknowledge that I fully understand the terms and conditions of this Waiver of Liability. I consent freely and voluntarily without any inducement, assurance, guarantee or oral representation being made.